Bluetooth Class 1.5 4Mbps 76-Pin VQFN EP T/R

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概要 CC2564BRVMR

The TI CC256x device is a complete Bluetooth BR/EDR/LE HCI solution that reduces design effort and enables fast time to market. Based on TI’s seventh-generation Bluetooth core, the CC256x device provides a product-proven solution that is Bluetooth 4.1 compliant. When coupled with a microcontroller unit (MCU), this HCI device offers best-in-class RF performance with a range of about 2X compared to other Bluetooth LE-only solutions. Furthermore, TI’s power-management hardware and software algorithms provide significant power savings in all commonly used Bluetooth BR/EDR/LE modes of operation.

The TI Dual-Mode Bluetooth Stack software is certified and provided royalty free for TI’s MSP430 and ARM Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M4 MCUs. Other MPUs can be supported through TI’s third party. iPod® (MFi) protocol is supported by add-on software packages. For more information, see TI Dual-Mode Bluetooth Stack. Some of the profiles supported include the following:

  • Serial port profile (SPP)
  • Advanced audio distribution profile (A2DP)
  • Audio/video remote control profile (AVRCP)
  • Handsfree profile (HFP)
  • Human interface device (HID)
  • Generic attribute profile (GATT)
  • Several Bluetooth LE profiles and services

In addition to software, this solution consists of multiple reference designs with a low BOM cost, including a new Bluetooth audio sink reference design for customers to create a variety of applications for low-end, low-power audio solutions.



  • TI’s Single-Chip Bluetooth Solution With Bluetooth
    Basic Rate (BR), Enhanced Data Rate (EDR), and
    Low Energy (LE) Support; Available in Two
    • Dual-Mode Bluetooth CC2564 Controller
    • Bluetooth CC2560 Controller
  • CC2564 Bluetooth 4.1 Controller Subsystem
    Qualified (QDID 58852); Compliant up to the HCI
  • Highly Optimized for Low-Cost Designs:
    • Single-Ended 50-Ω RF Interface
    • Package Footprint: 76 Terminals, 0.6-mm Pitch,
      8-mm x 8-mm mrQFN
  • BR/EDR Features Include:
    • Up to 7 Active Devices
    • Scatternet: Up to 3 Piconets Simultaneously, 1
      as Master and 2 as Slaves
    • Up to 2 SCO Links on the Same Piconet
    • Support for All Voice Air-Coding – Continuously
      Variable Slope Delta (CVSD), A-Law, µ-Law,
      and Transparent (Uncoded)
    • CC2560B/CC2564B Devices Provide an
      Assisted Mode for HFP 1.6 Wideband Speech
      (WBS) Profile or A2DP Profile to Reduce Host
      Processing and Power
    • Support of Multiple Bluetooth Profiles With
      Enhanced QoS
  • LE Features Include:
    • Support of Up to 10 (CC2564B) Connections
    • Multiple Sniff Instances Tightly Coupled to
      Achieve Minimum Power Consumption
    • Independent Buffering for LE Allows Large
      Numbers of Multiple Connections Without
      Affecting BR/EDR Performance.
    • Built-In Coexistence and Prioritization Handling
      for BR/EDR and LE
  • Best-in-Class Bluetooth (RF) Performance
    (TX Power, RX Sensitivity, Blocking)
    • Class 1 TX Power Up to +10 dBm
    • –95 dbm Typical RX Sensitivity
    • Internal Temperature Detection and
      Compensation to Ensure Minimal Variation in
      RF Performance Over Temperature, No
      External Calibration Required
    • Improved Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH)
      Algorithm With Minimum Adaptation Time
    • Provides Longer Range, Including 2x Range
      Over Other LE-Only Solutions
  • Advanced Power Management for Extended
    Battery Life and Ease of Design
    • On-Chip Power Management, Including Direct
      Connection to Battery
    • Low Power Consumption for Active, Standby,
      and Scan Bluetooth Modes
    • Shutdown and Sleep Modes to Minimize Power
  • Physical Interfaces:
    • UART Interface With Support for Maximum
      Bluetooth Data Rates
      • UART Transport Layer (H4) With Maximum
        Rate of 4 Mbps
      • Three-Wire UART Transport Layer (H5) With
        Maximum Rate of 4 Mbps (CC2560B and
        CC2564B Only)
    • Fully Programmable Digital PCM-I2S Codec
  • Flexibility for Easy Stack Integration and Validation
    Into Various Microcontrollers, Such as MSP430™
    and ARM® Cortex®-M3 and Cortex®-M4 MCUs
  • CC256x Bluetooth Hardware Evaluation Tool: PC-
    Based Application to Evaluate RF Performance of
    the Device and Configure Service Pack
  • Device Pin-to-Pin Compatible With Previous
    Devices or Modules



Protocols Dual-mode Bluetooth Type Transceiver
Features Assisted A2DP/HFP 1.6, BR / EDR / LE, Class 1 TX Power Rating Catalog
Security Networking security Sensitivity (best) (dBm) -95
Operating temperature range (°C) -40 to 85



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