• PAC1934T-I/J6CX WLCSP-16


Monitor 2.7V to 5.5V 16-Pin WLCSP T/R


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  • 365日の品質保証
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概要 PAC1934T-I/J6CX

The PAC1934 is a four channel power/energy monitor with current sensor amplifier and bus voltage monitors that feed high resolution ADCs. Digital circuitry performs power calculations and energy accumulation. The PAC1934 enables energy monitoring with integration periods from 1 ms to up to 36 hours. Bus voltage, sense resistor voltage, and accumulated proportional power are stored in registers for retrieval by the system master or embedded controller.

The sampling rate and energy integration period can be controlled over SMBus or I2C. Active channel selection, one-shot measurements, and other controls are also configurable. The PAC1934 uses real time calibration to minimize offset and gain errors. No input filters are required for this device.



  • 100 mV full scale voltage sense range, 16-bit resolution
  • Bidirectional or unidirectional options
  • Wide Bus Voltage Measurement Range 0V to 32V, 16-Bit Resolution
  • 1% Power Measurement Accuracy Over a Wide Dynamic Range
  • 48-bit power accumulator register for recording data
  • 24-bit accumulator count
  • User programmable sampling rates of 8, 64, 256, 1024 samples per second
  • 36 hours of power data accumulation at 8 samples per second
  • 2.7V to 5.5V Supply Operation
  • Separate I/O Pin for Digital I/O 1.62-5.5V
  • I2C® Fast Mode Plus (1Mp/S) and SMBus 3.0
  • WLCSP package (2.225 x 2.17), 4x4 uQFN-16
  • WIN10 laptop, tablet, workstation, cell phone
  • Networking
  • Automotive
  • Linux® Systems
  • Linux, Microsoft®, and Cloud Servers
  • Industrial



Description Quad DC Power/Energy Monitor with Accumulator Vsense min FSR (mV) -100
Vsense max FSR (mV) 100 Vsense accuracy (% FSR, max) 0.9
Vbus Range min (V) 0 Vbus Range max (V) 32
Vbus accuracy (% FSR, max) 0.5 Sampling Interval min (msec) 0.98
Sampling Interval max (msec) 125 Remote Temperature Monitors 0
Temperature Accuracy Max (°) 0 Alert/Therm 0
Accumulator? Yes Interface SMBus/I2C
Address Select 16 # Current Channel 4
ADC Resolution (bit) 16



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