• UCC3818N PDIP-16
UCC3818N PDIP-16


Power Factor Correction Preregulator 0.15mA 6kHz to 220kHz 16-Pin PDIP Tube


  • 90日間のアフター保証
  • 365日の品質保証
  • 正規品保証
  • 7*24時間サービス検疫
  • 部品番号 : UCC3818N

  • パッケージ/ケース : PDIP-16

  • ブランド : Texas Instruments

  • コンポーネントのカテゴリ : Power Factor Correction - PFC

  • 日付シート : UCC3818N データシート (PDF)


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概要 UCC3818N

The UCCx817 and UCCx818 family provides all the functions necessary for active power factor-corrected preregulators. The controller achieves near-unity power factor by shaping the AC input line current waveform to correspond to that of the AC input line voltage. Average current mode control maintains stable, low distortion sinusoidal line current.

Designed in Texas Instrument’s BiCMOS process, the UCCx817 and UCCx818 offers new features such as lower start-up current, lower power dissipation, overvoltage protection, a shunt UVLO detect circuitry, a leading-edge modulation technique to reduce ripple current in the bulk capacitor, and an improved, low-offset (±2-mV) current amplifier to reduce distortion at light load conditions.


  • Controls Boost Preregulator to Near-Unity Power Factor
  • Limits Line Distortion
  • World Wide Line Operation
  • Over-Voltage Protection
  • Accurate Power Limiting
  • Average Current Mode Control
  • Improved Noise Immunity
  • Improved Feed-Forward Line Regulation
  • Leading Edge Modulation
  • 150-µA Typical Start-Up Current
  • Low-Power BiCMOS Operation
  • Up to 18-V Operation
  • Frequency Range 6 kHz to 220 kHz



Topology Boost Control mode CCM
Switching frequency (max) (kHz) 250 UVLO thresholds on/off (V) 10.5/10
Vin (max) (V) 18 Features < 150 W applications, > 750 W applications, Average current mode, Continuous Control Mode, Enable, Overvoltage protection
Rating Catalog Operating temperature range (°C) 0 to 70
Duty cycle (max) (%) 100



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    部品の品質保証: 365 日



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